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marquee tent



  • Introduction

    This beautifully taut, canopy, high peak tent provides a versatility of use and is the go-to tent for any special occasion. The Ideal Marquee is made up of corner joints, tubing and two stainless steel cross cables that support the centre pole. Unlike the traditional pole tents this centre pole does not extend to the ground, offering the whole area space under the tent usable. The majestic high peak offers a noticeable presence from a distance attracting attention from as far as the eye can see.



  • Hardware

    Our Marquee tent is designed for quick and easy set-up. These tension structures consist of 2 ½” structural aluminum tubing, aluminum cast fittings, cast feet, cross cables, centre poles and spikes. Standard side heights are 8’ and 9’-3”. We also carry leg extensions for even more height options.

  • Sizing

    **Marquee tents can be connected together build any configuration**

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