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clear top frame tent

Cascade Full Strength Tent Kits

Our Cascade Full Strength Tent is the strongest keder frame on the market, ideal for high-wind or semi-permanent installations where durability is critical

cascade full strength tent kit

Keder Tent Top

For easy maintenance and to extend the life of the tent, our Cascade Full Strength Tent Frame pairs with Keder Frame Tops. The Keder Top is easy to clean, resistant to mold, mildew, and UV rays, and offers a superior appearance. Tents and Tops can be configured with either a Hip or Gable end.

Cascade Full Strength Features

Various Sizing

10FT Wide Tent Kit

up to any length!

30FT Wide Tent Kit

up to any length!

15FT Wide Tent Kit

up to any length!

40FT Wide Tent Kit

up to any length!

20FT Wide Tent Kit

up to any length!

50FT Wide Tent Kit

up to any length!


corporate event tent

Wall Customization

  • Solid White Wall

  • Clear Wall

  • Window Wall

  • Double Zipper Entrance Way

clear top frame tent

Roof Customization

  • Clear Top Panel

  • Skylight Top Panel

  • Solid White Top Panel

ratchet strap

Accessory Equipment

  • Rain Gutter

  • Tie Down Ratchet

  • Steel Stake

  • Leg Extension

  • Weight Cover

Cascade Full Strength Tents are the strongest frame tent systems on the market. Common tube lengths are used in a variety of tent sizes, configurations, and positions, simplifying parts management and minimizing your investment as your needs change or grow.

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